• 50% of the school timetable in English, from the very first day.

  • Native teachers with many years of experience.

  • Excellent results in the University of Cambridge English exams. From 8 years old (3º EPO) our students sit Cambridge exams, carried out at the school: Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET, First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency, obtaining excellent results and in many cases 100% passes.


  • Excellent academic results in the Spanish Department across the 3 educational stages: Infants, Primary and Secondary, as shown each year with the external exams set by the Comunidad de Madrid.

  • Teachers across the Spanish Department have a wealth of knowledge and teaching experience, affording our students the opportunity to continue their studies at the end of Secondary. Many of our students go on to study at some of the most most exclusive universities across Spain and abroad, thanks to their level of English, having obtained the required official Cambridge exams.

  • The school has only one class per year group, with a maximum number of 25 students per class, which allows for a more personalised education and greater engagement with the teacher. The small classes also allow for a better understanding of the student.

  • We are always available should parents require further information.


  • INCLUSIVE EDUCATION for all students.The School promotes values based on respect for human rights, discussion and the relationships of coexistence necessary to construct a democratic society.

  • ENGLISH-SPANISH BILINGUALISM allowing our students to develop in all stages of their school and university life, through the use of the English Language.

  • THE DEVELOPMENT OF SKILLS AND ABILITIES necessary to create future citizens with active, analytical and rational minds.

  • REACHING THE FULL POTENTIAL OF EVERY ONE OF OUR STUDENTS through activities that allow for the growth of independence and the desire to investigate and learn.

  • COMPLEMENTARY EDUCATION. We consider sports, cultural, artistic and manual activities to be a fundamental part of the educational process. They allow for students to discover more about themselves, at the same time providing them with an outside interest in their free time.