The school has a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, some take place within the school day and others take place after school.

The school has access to its own, as well as hired sports facilities for  the extra-curricular activities to take place.

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Multisports is an activity that gives insight in to the world of sport.
Playing sports helps children to coordinate movement and strengthen their bodies.
This activity allows them to learn about different traditional sports through games and improves the skills and abilities needed for good physical development.


UNESCO declared Judo as the best formative sport for children, as it develops integral physical education and boosts psychomotor skills, spatial awareness, perspective, laterality, throwing, jumping, pushing, pulling, as well as relations with other people, through games and fights as an integral dynamic element.

Quite the opposite to what you may think, Judo helps children connect with their peers and is especially suited to children who are shy or find it hard to socialise as well as for children with low self-esteem or hyperactivity, as self-control is a fundamental element,

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Throughout the last decades, many studies have been carried out by prestigious universities, sociologists and pedagogues from all over the world. They have unequivocally stated that learning chess at an early age, contributes to increased performance at school. By playing chess, children learn to be strong and effective thinkers, key for their intellectual development.

None of the skills listed below are specific to chess, but all of them are greatly valued by the game. The beauty of teaching chess as a tool for educational and personal development, is that it helps to shape a child’s character and stimulates their mind. It develops and enhances their innate abilities which, given its transversal character with core subjects, effectively contributes to reducing school failure.


Football is one of the most popular extra-curricular activities and one of the most practiced sports in the world.

We look to develop basic exercises with students in Pre-school, Primary and Secondary.

These are the practice and refinement of specific motor skills: ball skills, dribbling, passing, receiving of the ball, heading the ball and scoring. Dominating these techniques and automating them, allows the child better control of the ball in the game and to focus on tactics, as they need to resolve changing situations in just seconds.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics is a  physical and artistic after school club, in which many different factors are combined: Gymnastic movements, expression through dance, body and facial expression and acrobatic elements. It requires the ability to adapt these skills to music, to adapt and express it correctly.
With practice, improved reflexes and suppleness can be achieved, as well as basic physical ability such as flexibility, reaction speed and resistance. In addition to skills such as balance, coordination, rhythm and expression, it also provides advantages such as the desire to excel, discipline, willpower and companionship.


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Apart from being based on exercise and games to teach and entertain children, the objective of rollerblading classes is to learn basic movement skills and to acquire balance and dexterity to change direction, skate with obstacles, slalom, participate in races and to learn some basic artistic skating positions.

In general, children can start learning to skate from the age of 4.


Through individual and group activities and games, drama schools are ideal to help children develop verbal and corporal expression, as well as to stimulate their memory and mental agility.

With theatre, they will improve their self-confidence, learn to respect and get along as a group, recognise and control their emotions, discover discipline and develop consistency with their work, as well as develop public speaking skills.

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África Guzmán, a certified teacher with the Real Conservatorio de Música and Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático in Madrid and a member of the Royal Academy of Dance in London, is pleased to announce that she will be reopening Ballet classes for the 18/19 school year (from 4 years old).

The classes will start on the 1st October 2018 . All the dance students will perform in an end of course performance which, like in previous years, will be held in a theatre organised by the Escuela de Ballet África Guzmán. In May they will provide details on renting outfits, as well as the sale of tickets.


Team sports develop communication, cooperation, respect and values through game play. During training we will develop psychomotricity, coordination, hand-ball control, throwing, as well as individual and group technique. All of this through playing games and exercises adapted to each age group.

PRE MINI BASKET– Aimed at students from Pre-school to Primary 2.        MONDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS.
MINI BASKET – Aimed at students in Primary 3 and 4. MONDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS
MINI BASKET – Aimed at students in Primary 5 and 6. TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS.

Students in Secondary will be able to enjoy this activity at the Pabellón Municipal.

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An innovative extra-curricular activity that develops 21st century skills and competencies, as well as promoting interest in science and technology. Students follow the LEGO® Education Academy programme, based on active construction and discovery lead by the student themselves.

The participants work in small groups based on projects and interests, following a scientific method.

ROBOTIX I – from Primary 1 to 4– Investigation into the way machines and day to day mechanisms work, and the introduction to robotics and programming using primary sensors.

ROBOTIX II – from Primary 5 to 6 – Construction and programming of robots through motors and sensors that will help them to understand the way technology works in real applications.